Welcome to my site! Glad your here and interested in learning to Kiteboard or perfecting that next move! My name is Drew Christianson, I’ve been teaching for now over 5 years and Kiteboarding Professional for the last 3 years. With over Thousands of hours in the water teaching and kiting, I’ve created the “Perfect Lesson Plan” for my clients. Geared to get you in the water fast and on your way to learning this amazing sport safely and in control. With my level of kiting I can offer you lessons as you progress in any aspect of the sport you wish to learn. Wether you want to Boost To The Moon, or Ride Waves For Miles, take your Backflip To the Water or even Hydrofoiling Across The Bay!


I’m currently teaching lessons in St.Pete, Bradenton, Tampa and Sarasota, Florida. All my lessons are taught in areas with shallow water with the best wind conditions. Most lessons will be brought out to the Sunshine Skyway where we can ride any wind direction in waist deep water. I’ll be teaching you on all 2015 gear giving my students the easiest and best experience towards becoming a self sufficient kiteboarder.


I offer a variety of lesson packages and can easily create a custom package to fit any clients needs. As part of my “Perfect Lesson Plan” we start off with a 2 hour intro class for $200. That will cover all the basics of Kiteboarding including wind theory, gear anatomy, gear setup, safety options “1,2,3” before getting you in the water and flying the kite in a controlled fashion. Once in the water we will work on flying the kite upwind and downwind before finishing the lesson with a simulated emergency pack down. The followingd 2 hour lesson is where the board comes into the lesson and we work on you truly becoming a self sufficient kitesurfer.


I also offer this package in a 4 hr lesson for the person that wants to get out there and experience everything kiteboarding has to offer in one day! This class runs for $380

After the 4 hours of lessons are complete I offer lessons in 2+ hour segments working on Riding Up Wind, Mastering Upwind Bodydraging and Perfecting The Transition!

For the more advance student that wants to work on jumping, transitions, flips, unhooking or whatever trick your looking to learn we’ll get you landing it! $100 hr

Gear Rental is also a option if you are a visiting kiteboarder looking to travel without your gear. However you have to prove me that you are a capable kiteboarder to take out my gear. I rent half day kite/board for 100 dollars and the whole day for $150.


Please reach out to me via email at or give me a ring or text at 941-780-5744 with any of your questions and for bookings!

Hope to see you on the water soon!


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