Naish International has been at the forefront of Kitesurfing since the very beginning of the sport! I’m very excited to be apart of the team at Naish going into 2015! Along with being apart of the Team I’ll also be helping out in the South East of North America Representing the brand. Keep an eye on this page for upcoming events and demos at your local beach soon!


XSories is an electronic accessories brand that makes capturing the moment and saving my gear from the elements possible! I use the whole product range from the U-Shot selfie sticks to the dry bags for those trips where you know everything is going to get wet! Without them I wouldn’t have a working Gopro or iPhone thats forsure..


Patagonia has been an outdoors brand for over 40 years! With personal roots deep into surfing the brand came out with a full surf lineup this decade featuring not only the highest end product on the market but also the greenest most sustainable wetsuit on the market. I’ve very excited to be working with Patagonia and wearing the best outerwear on the market as I push myself out in the elements!


Dakine has been in the Kiteboarding industry since the beginning with long roots in the sport of windsurfing. I’m stoked to be riding the new Renegade harness! Glad to be back in a more supportive harness that still offers all the flexibility needed to tweak out all your grabs. Excited to be with Dakine and can’t wait to be riding them this up and coming season!

HPZ Classic Diamond No Surf

Hobie Polarized helps protect my eyes while I’m out in the elements! After a long day on the water your eyes can be fried without having something to protect them. Now with Hobie Polarized Sunglasses I can be on the water all day without any problems, with the Polycarbonate HydroClean™ polarized lenses I don’t have to worry the UV rays and the reflection off the water. All that disappears from my mind and I can focus on what really matters. Having fun on the water! Thanks Hobie Polarized!

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