Hobie Polarized


Just signed on with Hobie Polarized! Really stoked to be with a company that has been in the Watersport industry since the beginning. Being out in the sun all day can really burn out your eyes wether I’m kiting, teaching, suping, or just hanging at the beach quality sunglasses are a must have item for me!

I’ve been wearing the Olas and the Escondido model which totally rock! All of Hobie’s sunglasses come with Polycarbonate HydroClean™ polarized lenses ready to keep up with you on the water. Hobie also pushes that there sunglasses come with a Friendly Lifetime Warranty! Can’t go wrong with that! I have worn many other brands of sunglasses but none of them quite keep up with Hobie’s on the water performance and design. Go grab a pair yourself and see what the hype is all about!

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