The Street By Shinn


I’ve been meaning to write a review for The Street for sometime now, but as you can imagine if its blowing its hard as a kiteboarder to sit behind a computer screen.

I’ve had the Street now for a few months and find it to be my favorite board of the Shinn lineup for my riding style. I’ve used the Street with straps and with boots and prefer the board to be ridden with boots.

Here are a few stand out features of the new Street by Shinn

The Street has the most aggressive rocker line in the Shinn lineup. But when I say that, what makes the board really stand out is that even with that extra rocker the board remains quick and not like the wakestyle boards in the industry that are very hard to find the right amount of power to ride with. It can be challenging to unhook on a 12m in 20 knots because thats only time you are powered enough with these other wakestyle boards. With the Street I can get going on my 12m  in 13-15 knots and have a great session.

The new Ep Tips are nice for a quick release of the water. However I can’t say that the release is much different to my other board the SuperShinn. Both are quick boards to pop against and load up the kite with confidence. This is one of my favorite things about the Shinn boards is that you can get out and ride any of the boards and it feels natural and comfortable. Making you get right in tune with the board from the minute you step on it.

I’m currently riding The Street in the 137 by 42.5 which is very lightweight for its size! With the extra width there is no leg spray and the added rocker makes for no spray off the nose no matter how choppy it is! Landings are super smooth and you don’t have to be punished for keep the kite low during wakestyle moves.

If your looking to ride a bit more powered and like to have a solid edge to lean in to accompanied by the softest landings and smooth release off the water for boosting, looping or wakestyle trick look no further. Contact one of your local Shinn Dealers or Reps and try out the new Street! If you see me on the water come grab the board from me to try!

Check out Shinn Teammate Alex Bournay making the Street look mighty fun!

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