New Sponsor Dakine


Been windy for about 3 weeks in a row now since I’ve gotten to Hood River. This spot is truly special and gives your body way too many days on the 6m kites 🙂

Anyways to back to the point of the post, I got to sit down with Bill over at Dakine last week and he gave me a quick tour around the Dakine office in downtown Hood River. Pretty cool to check out what goes into making a company like Dakine run everyday. Super cool group of people that all share a passion for the outdoors and can all get stoked after work on the water. Was a very cool experience to walk through the place!

Bill setup me up as a Team Rider for Dakine and has given me a bit of gear to get me stoked on!

Glad to be back in a supportive and comfortable harness! And be working with one of the biggest companies in the Kite Industry!

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