Sessions at Home


Its been a while seen I’ve posted here. Probably due to the lack of wind and school has started back up and in full swing.

However we had a decent few weeks of wind and hope it continues to keep blowing! Been awesome to come back to St.Pete after being in the Gorge this summer and to have flat warm water to ride in with no hidden rocks or logs in the sand has been awesome! Not as much wind as what the Gorge offers but I’ll take a smooth 12m session anytime of the week 🙂

Can’t beat new gear either! Really liking the new Mutiny P-Series!

Here are some photos of the last couple weeks here, getting sessions in with your friends is probably the most rewarding part of kiteboarding. Just picked up a Canon 60d! Its been fun trying to learn how to use it. Here are some photos off it along with some screenshots of video shot.

One thought on “Sessions at Home

  1. I want to see that Slim next time we ride!! Kite Low! Also, I have some good news about a secret new board that is being released soon 😉

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