Jupiter Invasion 2013


The longest running event in the US “sort” of happened this past weekend. With a 3 day weekend event in store everyone was hoping for wind… Unfortunately as you know when you want to run a kiteboarding event on set dates the winds don’t seem to always be in your favor. Especially in Florida it seems this season has been off to a bad start but while I’m typing this its windy so go figure.

Needless to say it was still a fun event that was kicked off with some fun surf and standup paddling throughout the 3 day contest with winds that seemed to tease all of the kiters on and off everyday. Not really anything worse then that borderline amount of wind to prevent you from getting on the water. Pretty good turn out of kiters coming from all over North America and Aruba. Many seasoned pro riders mixed in with the rookies made for a good blend of skills when we all got in the water doing something that wasn’t our first sport of choice whether it was surfing or sup. Excellent conditions on Saturday to watch everyone try and get through the Jupiter shore break which made for a good laugh 🙂

As always a kiteboarding event isn’t complete with a few details missing and I guess there wasn’t a permit for the event so basically it was canned on the second day and the third day moved to a new location down the beach. Regardless there wasn’t much wind so it didn’t affect us much other then the mood of the event a touch. Still a fun event to attend without wind with a huge thanks to Jeremy at the Jupiter Invasion bringing food and drinks for the riders during the whole event and having a good time out there regardless of the conditions. Also a big thanks to Mutiny and my sponsors for helping me get over there and making the trip happen!

Time to get in the water we have wind!



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