Summers in the Hood River


Arriving back in humid and hot Florida was a quick wake up call that my summer of travels was coming to an end. Getting off the plane and finding my bags and having a chance to sit down outside before my ride showed up lead to a quick reflection on what a summer it was! I’m going to wrap up the whole trip in another post but for this posts sake I just wanted to share some of the photos and content that has come out of my trip out west to Hood River, OR. Big thanks to Trent Hightower for getting out in the water and taking some incredible shots!

1231527_10200783512764186_1380926585_n971046_10200682768085632_1501701817_n ltbIpAIa0VbqgIY7XTOWW6xT2A7ZRljO7MNLLpRgqRE 3WODBnXdM87zKffz_fb5zEa21iOywRj5bVTnuMOjnQE 15350_10200684976780848_908820726_n

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