The Endless Summer Edit


After spending 2013 based out of Florida for the winter I trekked up to Hatteras for SSS before heading out West to get my Hood River fix! For the first time in my life I truly found myself living an “Endless Summer”! If you enjoy it please share it on, any feedback or comments are more then welcome! Please leave them below in a comment

Camera : Cole Elsasser, Luis Chavez, Brendan Kerr, Sean Buell, Drew Christianson
Edit: Drew Christianson
Gear: FS700, 5D, 70D, Gopro

CKA Fall Event


The CKA Fall Event started off in one of my home spots here in St.Petersburg, Florida. With a good group of riders from across the southeast of the country coming together to compete in this first stop made for a good level of riding! I was stoked to make it to the finals and knew it was going to be hard to get to the top of that!


Stoked to end the day in 1st after battling it out all day! Huge thanks to Ryan, Billy Parker and Luis for judging and making this event happen. Excited to see the level of riding at the next event!


Mutiny In The Hood Edit


Mutiny in the Hood:

Mutiny Team Rider Drew Christianson and Ambassador Matt Sweeting enjoying the awesome conditions in the Gorge with the latest 2014 P and F Series.

Music – Mexicans With Guns

Camera/Edit – David Sischo

Additional footage – Brendan Kerr

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Mutiny Kites 2nd Generation S-Series


I have to say that there is something special about 2 strut designed kites and how much power you can produce from a kite with having a clean airflow in the center of the canopy by removing the center strut. But now to make the kite stand out from the other 2 strut kites on the market Mutiny once again goes beyond the competition. By making a pulley less bridal and having direct attachment at the wingtips this kite out performs any other 2 strut kite on the market. But don’t just take my word for it! Contact your local Mutiny Kites Agent or Team Rider and schedule a test flight on the new Mutiny S-Series!

Check out this Press Release on the new 2nd Gen Mutiny Series and Sean Mertens new video riding it in Northern California!

Screen shot 2013-09-22 at 10.50.15 AM Screen shot 2013-09-22 at 10.51.48 AM

Screen shot 2013-09-22 at 10.53.38 AM

Why Hatteras needs to be on your Travel List


After getting back home from spending a summer month in Hatteras, North Carolina it makes you realize how special the island truly is. There are not many spots in the US let alone world that you can walk across in minutes and kite waves and butter flat water all in one day. No matter the wind direction if there is wind you can kite somewhere on the island, waves or flatwater depending on how far your willing to drive north or south on the island. With a laid back relaxed atmosphere that moves at a priceless island time, everyone I ran into was so amped about getting into the water regardless of the activity required to make that happen. When a lot of like minded people get together your bound to have a great time!


Lets not forgot why we went there in the first place! The wind and waves are world class and offer some of the most consistent training grounds for many of the North American Pro’s and up and coming Amateurs. Let alone thousands of kiters a year that come to Hatteras to take there first lesson through REAL Watersports and KittyHawk Kites!


I personally recommend visiting the island either in the Fall or Spring as both times offer a large variety of different conditions to challenge yourself with. Finding a group of kiters to go with is what makes the Outer Banks experience what it truly is all about! Visiting the island during either time of  the year is also very cheap! Throw a group of 5-6 kiters in a house and you won’t be paying more then a few hundred bucks each for a week in a decked out house with your buddies.


If flat water is what your looking for look no further as Hatteras offers some of the largest slicks in the US! If you find that there are too many kiters at one slick just kite up or downwind and find your own private slick! With waist to chest deep water its one of the safest and easiest places to progress your riding forward no matter your level. From going up wind to working on your next handlepass this is the mecca for progression! Start planning your trip to Hatteras, NC for a guaranteed good time!