New Sponsors AOK and Shinn


I’ve been trying to work out a board deal for a longtime and haven’t had any luck finding a company that I wanted to work for along with a sick line of products to ride on. Luckily, I know the guys over at All Out Kiteboarding as they were my first kiteboarding sponsor back when I was starting off, and now they are helping me with new Shinn Boards.

I met Mike, one of the owners of AOK, down in the Florida Keys on a windy weekend, I really liked the boards I got to see and ride and liked what he was doing with the company. I’m very pleased to now be on the Shinn National Team here in the US. Glad to be tied back in with AOK too as they are always a pleasure to work with. They have incredible customer service, along with an amazing shop and school in Tybee, Georgia.

The SuperShinn just showed up at my door in time for another trip to the Keys! Just check out some of photos from the trip. I think it gives you an idea on how much I’m liking  the board 🙂

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