Mutiny Kite’s Cape Hatteras Demo


Just got in Hatteras last night with the Shinn Team, somehow it took a few hours longer then it was suppose too 😉

Showed up to a nice party with MassKiting and plenty of food to be passed around! We will be driving around with them the next couple days chasing the wind. I’m currently in Avon but if you see the Mass group or any Mutiny Kites in the air stop on by and try them out!

Ill be staying at the Air Retreat next week, so come on by and try out the lastest Mutiny Kites and Shinn boards with us!

Stay tuned for more updates on where we will be and whats going on!

One thought on “Mutiny Kite’s Cape Hatteras Demo

  1. Hi, I am looking for a kite replacing my Furia 7M2: Love unhooked freestyle, wave riding en doing a bit of oldschool riding on a kite that is super fast. Saw you where riding the Mutiny kites and was wondering if the 6M2 S-series is a good replacer for the Furia. Like what is the wind range of the 6M2 S and would it be powerfull enough for unhooked freestyle or am I than looking for a different model?


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