Real Watersport’s SSS!


Just got back from a fun week up at SSS with plenty of sessions to talk about on the long trip back to Florida.

We started the trip up at midnight and made it to Hatteras the next day, just in time for a quick session in the ocean and the first party at Real.

The wind wasn’t the best for Hatteras, but luckily for the awesome crew that I was up there with I don’t think we had too many dull moments. We had sessions everyday not always with a kite but with the Surfboards, Sup’s, Jetski’s and Slacklining there thanks to everybody. Sessions were always to be had!

Was a great time to watch all the pros and cheer on local Billy Parker at SSS earning himself 2nd place overall! Now just have to find my way into the event next year!

Thanks again to everyone who made this trip possible!

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